The indoor tournaments of FC Elva Indoor Cup 2012-2013 brought together the representatives of four nations

The tournaments of FC Elva Indoor Cup 2012-2013 took place in two months (in December and January) and were attended by teams from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. In total, 93 teams with 915 players took part in the tournaments. The greatest number of teams represented the clubs of FC Elva and JK Tammeka. The tournaments were spiced up by the on-the-spot football shop of FC Elva where several footballers found help when needed.

The tournament of boys born in 2000 took place on 1 December and was dominated by FC Elva, JK Tammeka and JK Merkuur-Juunior. One of the greatest surprises of FC Elva Indoor Cups happened in the quarterfinal where FC Elva’s team of boys born in 2001 and 2002 managed to defeat a very strong team, JK Merkuur-Juunior, which was composed of boys who were nearly two years older. The boys put all their energy into this match and achieved a good fourth place. The third place went to the representation of FC Elva 2000. In the final, the team of JK Tammeka I took a solid win over the youngsters of JK Merkuur-Juunior II.

On 2 December, boys born in 2004 entered the competition. The most successful teams in this age group came from North Estonia and were offered competition by FC Santos. Ranking: Tallinna FC Infonet, Tallinna FC Tiigrid, Harju Jalgpallikool and FC Santos.

The tournament of boys born in 2002 was held on 8 December and was one of the most intense tournaments in this season. In both semifinals, the winners were determined after a penalty series. The final was played between FC Elva and TJK Legion, the home team winning this thrilling match with a score of 3:2. The third place went to JK Tammeka I.

The only tournament for adult women took place on 9 December and was attended by nine teams. Three clubs of Meistriliiga – Tallinna FC Flora, JK Tammeka and JK Tallinna Kalev – were present. The team of FC Elva also offered some good performances, winning JK Tallinna Kalev with the result 3:1 and playing a goalless draw with the later winner of the tournament. In the final, FC Flora II beat the representative team of JK Tammeka Valge in a penalty series. JK Tammeka Sinine snapped up the third place before FC Flora I.

The tournament of the oldest boys, those born in 1998, was held on 15 December. The tournament was attended by ten teams, of which three teams represented FC Elva. Tallinna SC Real proved to be the best team, while the second place went to FC Elva, the third place to FC Elva 99-00 and the fourth place to the youngsters of JK Tammeka 99.

Boys born in 2003 competed on 16 December. The list of participants was made more exciting by a Lithuanian club named FK Nevezis. The final match was played between JK Tammeka and JK Merkuur-Juunior, the latter taking a definite victory with the result of 4:0. The third place went to the Lithuanians who defeated JK Tallinna Kalev I with a score of 2:0.

On 5 January, the clubs returned from the break and FC Elva Indoor Cup continued with the tournament of boys born in 1999. Several top teams from Estonia and a very strong team from Ivangorod (DFK Parus) were represented at this tournament. Pärnu JK and TJK Legion made it to the final which the team of Pärnu won with a solid result of 5:1. In the match for the bronze medal, the youngsters of FC Elva put up a more powerful performance, defeating Tallinna SC Real with a score of 4:0.

The men’s tournament where the representation of FC Elva wanted to defend its title took place on 6 January. At this tournament of ten teams, one of the most gripping matches was the quarterfinal played between FC Elva and FC Tarvastu. The match was very vigorous and rough and ended with a draw of 3:3. The following penalty series was a very long one but, in the end, FC Tarvastu took the victory with the result of 11:10. The final match was played between SK10 and FC Tarvastu, the latter making a comeback from a defeat of 1:3 and winning the tournament with a score of 4:3. The third and fourth places were divided between two teams from Latvia, of which Balvi Sporta Center proved to be the stronger one.

Boys born in 2001 played their tournament on 12 January. The most successful team was JK Narva Trans I that proved to be invincible at this tournament. In the final, they defeated a Latvian team, Balvi Sporta Center, with a score of 8:0. The youngsters of TJK Legion achieved the third place.

The last FC Elva Indoor Cup of the season for the youngest boys was held on 13 January. The best team at this tournament was Tallinna FC Infonet, beating a Latvian team named FK Super Nova Riga. The team of Pärnu JK Vaprus Paikuse put up a good fight and took the third place.

FC Elva Indoor Cup 2012-2013 in numbers

Players born in 2005 – 8 teams, 75 participants
Players born in 2004 – 10 teams, 88 participants
Players born in 2003 – 10 teams, 105 participants
Players born in 2002 – 8 teams, 65 participants
Players born in 2001 – 10 teams, 109 participants
Players born in 2000 – 10 teams, 90 participants
Players born in 1999 – 8 teams, 91 participants
Players born in 1998 – 10 teams 98 participants
Men’s teams – 10 teams, 106 participants
Women’s teams – 9 teams, 88 participants

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Summary of the tournament

Marek Naaris – the main organiser of the event


96 teams with 935 players visited the FC Elva Indoor Cup

Indoor tournaments in Nõo taking place in December and January were a success for the organizers, all tournaments took place as planned. 96 teams competed in 10 age groups, all together 935 players, which is the new record at events organized by FC Elva. Teams with the most success were Tartu JK Merkuur-Juunior and FC Elva

December 4th –  ten teams took part of the young men born in 2000 tournament. JK Merkuur‑Juunior was the mightiest, taking both first and second place. Third place went to FC Elva.

December 5th – eight teams took part of the young men born in 1995 tournament. FC Tartu Olümpia was clearly better than the rest and won the tournament. Second best was Põlva FC Lootos and third JK Tammeka. FC Elva finished the tournament fourth.

December 11th – ten teams took part of the boys born in 2002 tournament. Intense final showed FC Elva's superiority over JK Merkuur-Juunior. Third place went to JK Tammeka, who brought under FC Santos.

December 12th – ten teams took part of the girls born in 1994 tournament. This time FC Flora was surely better than the rest. Second place went to SK10 Premium and third to UVS Stars from Latvia. FC Elva girls shared 5–8 place.

December 18th – at the tournament of the youngest boys born in 2003, no one could fight JK Merkuur-Juunior, who won all games with high scores. Third came FC Elva, who in an exciting match brought under youngsters from JK Tammeka.

December 19th – at the tournament of young men born in 1998 Tallinna JK Kalev II was most successful, winning FC Tartu Olümpia in the final. Third place went to Tallinna Jalgpalliklubi Legion, who outperformed FC Elva.

January 8th – ten teams took part of young men born in 1999 tournament. First place went to JK Merkuur-Juunior, who surpassed Tallinn United. Match for third place was successful for FC Elva.

January 9th – ten teams took part of the men’s tournament. First place went to Koeru SK, who had three players from Paide Linnameeskond with them on the field. Second came SK10 Premium and third FC Tarvastu.

January 15th – at the tournament of young men born in 2001 was again successful for JK Merkuur‑Juuniori. In the final they surpassed FS Metta Kekava from Latvia. Third place went to FC Elva.

January 16th – young men born in 1997 finished the FC Elva Indoor Cup with exciting battles. Intense final showed JK Tammeka II as the best, as they surpassed FC Levadia I after penalties. Third came Tallinn SC Real. FC Elva finished the tournament in quarterfinal.




FC Elva Indoor Cup's statistics

8 teams from year 2003, 71 participants
10 teams from year 2002, 89 participants
10 teams from year 2001, 109 participants
10 teams from year 2000, 104 participants
10 teams from year 1999, 98 participants
10 teams from year 1998, 92 participants
10 teams from year 1997, 104 participants
8 teams from year 1995, 79 participants
10 girl’s teams from year 1994, 90 participants
10 men’s teams, 99 participants

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