Rain did not stop young footballers from breaking records at Elva Cup

Photo: Helmut Paring / the celebration of the players of FC Elva who won the tournament of boys born in 2002; Robin Paring (No. 14), the best striker of the tournament, and Andreas Öövel.

Last week, the traditional football tournament Elva Cup brought together 99 teams which were represented on different football fields by an amazing total of 1,006 young athletes - this beats the former record by three players. There were eleven teams more than last year! Over the course of years, the tournament has become more and more popular, and teams almost always return to Elva Cup. In addition to football clubs from South Estonia, the teams of JK Tallinna Kalev, FC Tiigrid and FS METTA have become frequent guests. For the first time in the history of Elva Cup, a Lithuanian club, FK Atmosfera, also took part in the tournament. Once again, FC Elva was among the most successful clubs, managing to reach the top three at five tournaments out of nine. The teams named above were also successful.

The tournament of boys born in 2007 was victorious for our neighbours from Tartu. JK Tammeka did not give a chance to the representation of JK Tallinna Kalev I, and defeated it in the final with a score of 3:2. The guests from Lithuania snapped the third place, beating FC Lootos with a result of 5:0.

The tournament of boys born in 2006 was very equal, but all three teams of the hosting club had to settle for the last places. Nevertheless, one team (FC Tiigrid) was a step stronger than the others, and took a 3:0 victory over its opponent in the final. The bronze medal went to the representation of FS METTA/Riga.

In the football battles of boys born in 2005, the youngsters of FS METTA put up the best performance once again, repeating the victory which they took in the same age class two years ago. In the final, they outperformed FC Ülenurme with a result of 1:0. The third place went to FC Helios Tartu Kollane that took a definite victory over FC Tiigrid.

After the exciting matches of boys born in 2004, the players of FC Elva finally had a reason to celebrate, as the achieved the third place among sixteen teams. The final match took place between two of the toughest teams, FC Helios Tartu and JK Tallinna Kalev I, of whom the first one came out a winner after a penalty series.

The tournament of boys born in 2003 could also be called the solo of Oliver Jürgens. During two tournaments, this young man kicked an unbelievable twenty-five goals (a day earlier, Nõmme Kalju FC took part in the tournament of boys born in 2002). With a total of seventeen goals, he was the best scorer of the tournament of boys born in 2003, helping his club to defeat FK Baltika (LAT) in the final with a result of 5:0. The third place went to JK Merkuur-Juunior that is well-known for its strong performances.

The tournament of boys born in 2002 offered tension and terrific emotions, particularly to the fans of FC Elva who had to witness quite nerve-racking matches. On several occasions, the boys of FC Elva managed to wiggle out from a seemingly hopeless situation and push their opponents to the ground. In the final, they defeated FC Tiigrid with a score of 3:1, whereas they ended the first half in a losing position. During the match for the third place, JK Tammeka was far above the year younger players of Kalju, taking the bronze medal with a score of 4:1.

At the tournament of boys born in 2001, there was no match to one of Estonia’s strongest teams of boys born in 2001 - JK Tammeka which did not have to face any defeats during the whole tournament. The boys of FC Elva II took the second place, and the players of the Lithuanian FK Atmosfera came third in intense competition.

Six teams participated in the tournament of girls born in 1999, whereas three of these teams represented FC Elva. Tartu SK10 Premium was the strongest team, FC Lootos achieved the second place, and FC Elva’s representation consisting of girls from Puhja fought hard and took the third place.
At the tournament of girls born in 2002, FC Elva proved again that the club has very many girl players and put out three representations. These competed against Pärnu JK and FC Santos. Pärnu JK proved to be the strongest team, defeating the team of FC Elva I in the final match with a score of 2:0. The third place went to FC Santos which was simply a bit more experienced than the team of FC Elva II.

Elva Cup 2014 in numbers

Boys born in 2007 - 16 teams, 144 participants
Boys born in 2006 - 16 teams, 140 participants
Boys born in 2005 - 12 teams, 120 participants
Boys born in 2004 - 16 teams, 176 participants (NEW RECORD)
Boys born in 2003 - 11 teams, 121 participants
Boys born in 2002 - 10 teams, 110 participants
Boys born in 2001 - 7 teams, 101 participants
Girls born in 2002 - 5 teams, 34 participants
Girls born in 2000 - 6 teams, 60 participants

Total number of teams: 99 (NEW RECORD)

From Estonia: 85
From Latvia: 12
From Lithuania: 2

Total number of players: 1,006 (NEW RECORD)

More information about the tournament: www.fcelva .ee/turniirid/elva-cup (results, photos, videos, etc.)

Thank you for the wonderful cooperation!

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Catering: Pub Vapper Mäger with Kristo Frei, and Toidupada with Krista Tiido
Accommodation: Verevi Motel
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Cooperation partners: Tehvandi Sport Center, FIFAA, Tartu Trükiteenused

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Transport of inventory to stadiums: Helar Henno, IKODOR Tänavakivimees, Almar OÜ
Referees: Riivo Stolts, Alik Säde, Edgar Leht, Mihkel Teder, Kaido Koppel, Andris Altsaar, Thor Vaas, Neeme Neemlaid, Andres Bõkarev
Medical support at the tournament: Kristi Alev, Kadi Markvard, Eneli Õigus, Merle Miliste
Photos: Helmut Paring, Marleen Mälk, Rahel Repkin
 Fotovabrik (Rando Kall)
Volunteers: Hans-Hendrik Karro, Roland Liinar, Helena Pallon, Eleri Pastak, Merle Lessing, Rahel Repkin, Kirke Mähar, Antti Arumäe, Artur Lõhmus, Aleksander Alev, Karl Tammeorg, Karl Kruus, Eneli Mossin

The organisers of Elva Cup 2014: Marek Naaris, Eneli Õigus and Laur Nurme

Tulemused - Results 2014

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